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Restaurant - Espaço Equestre

Menu unique in this Alentejo space!
The restaurant of Espaço Equestre is associated with biological vegetable garden and vineyard in an area of 3.6 hectares, which in addition of producing the wine of the Equestrian Centre, will allow tourists that visit the restaurant, to choose directly and pick the fruit and vegetables that will be served in their meal;

-> We promote several typical meals of the Alentejo region gastronomy
-> We organize Alentejo Wine Tastings, and regional gastronomy tastings
-> We organize training courses and workshops about Alentejo gastronomy
-> We organize handicraft exhibitions and other artistic events in the region;
-> Point of sale of regional products from Alentejo.

The Biological Vegetable Garden is a dynamic and integrated space in other facilities of the Centre, and will allow tourists to interact with this agricultural area, participating in agricultural and harvest activities and other cultural operations to make in that area, and at the same time, it will be a place where the tourists that attend the restaurant, can select and harvest the fruit and vegetables that will be cooked or served for them in the restaurant;

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